Who Am I?

I was born in winter 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey and lived in a small city in Cappadocia Region until I turned 12 and passed the national exam to study in a special state school as a boarding student. As a (proud) graduate of Kadikoy Anatolian Mid and High School (Old Science College), I had the chance to study Economics as major and Statistics as minor in University of Istanbul in year 2002.

While I was studying, I’ve started working as a Financial Controller. There I’ve gained Finance, Accounting and Controlling experience and added it on top over my Economy and Statistics knowledge. With the help of my interest in programming, I’ve also started learning VBA and SQL by myself and finally automatized the whole Controlling system to a button click. Therefore, received an offer to work as a consultant in Microsoft Business Intelligence department.

I’ve built many Datawarehouses (but not only limited to) Microsoft Stack and took part in every step of an End-To-End Business Intelligence Lifecycle including DWH, ETL, OLAP & Reporting design. During my entire consultancy career, I’ve completed more than 40 projects in 30 different companies (mostly global) in 5 major sectors including Retail, Pharma, Automotive, Finance and Telecommunication. Most of those projects were very complex and always included a new method/technology progressively to learn.

For more than 4 years, I’ve also started developing Software Applications in Windows and Web Technologies (.NET Stack) including B2C systems (with 8 million direct users), B2B and Intranet applications (mainly in Retail companies) and Customer Data Platform systems such as Customer Data Cleansing, Segmentation, Clustering, Marketing Campaigns, Loyalty Program Management, Refer and Earn Programs.

I am simply the combination of Economics, Statistics, Business Intelligence, Data, Software Development and deep Sector/Domain/Business Knowledge and Project Management skills.

I am currently living in Düsseldorf, Germany with my wife and our 4 cats 🙂